you're currently in my piece of world....
and since its like tat... obey my rules..
MY world, MY way
dun worry its simple
either you STAY
or you LEAVE

la femme
i'm a starfish from pacific ocean and i like to eat strawberries
ok mayb i'm not a starfish and i dun come from pacific ocean...
but i do like strawberries
i can be a celestial being, a marine creature, an animal and a homosapien.
regardless...i'm still ME...the one and only..
everypart of me is unique and i'm at best when i'm being me...

trista here!! i'm a 1992 baby!!
i grow old whenever 12/05 passes
typical happy-go-lucky character...no point hanging on to a thing for long oso right? so smile aways
day dream any time anywhere...even when queuing to buy stuff..or now..hehe
i like to smile hate to frown :D
hobby: misplacing my wallets...lol jkjk..but i often do that though
hates: ppl torture their wallets...poor them
i'm a wallet collector..
pink and purple is NICE!

i want
material stuff? plenty...but haven wrote down...later den edit

say something


teacher's bd...(tuition de)
wat reckless driver...>.<
liiqii is crazy!!
yet another post....
hi!!!! i'm back!
the end of post till next time...

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& please kindly do not remove
i feel so sorry for them cos no one will see this...but imma gonna keep it...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008
death... @ 12:25 AM

i found this paragraph...and decided to reply to nigel...

Admit it, here and now: you're afraid to die; you're afraid of death.
If a man put a gun to your head and told you that you were about to die, you would quake in your shoes. You would beg like a dog for an hour more of life, a half hour more, 15 minutes more. And why? You're scared of death. You may even be scared of the dark.

No matter that the spirits of the departed are a lot friendlier than some of your next-door neighbors, or even some of your best friends - you're still afraid of the dark. Death is dark. Darkness is death, death is lights-out time. When you turn 50, you shiver just to think about it; at 40, you don't want to think about it; at 30, you don't mind - it only happens to everyone else - not you.

But when that spotlight rests on you - poof! Good-bye confidence. Good-bye spine. It's time to run. Discretion is the better part of valor; in other words, you can be a hero and die if you want to