you're currently in my piece of world....
and since its like tat... obey my rules..
MY world, MY way
dun worry its simple
either you STAY
or you LEAVE

la femme
i'm a starfish from pacific ocean and i like to eat strawberries
ok mayb i'm not a starfish and i dun come from pacific ocean...
but i do like strawberries
i can be a celestial being, a marine creature, an animal and a homosapien.
regardless...i'm still ME...the one and only..
everypart of me is unique and i'm at best when i'm being me...

trista here!! i'm a 1992 baby!!
i grow old whenever 12/05 passes
typical happy-go-lucky character...no point hanging on to a thing for long oso right? so smile aways
day dream any time anywhere...even when queuing to buy stuff..or now..hehe
i like to smile hate to frown :D
hobby: misplacing my wallets...lol jkjk..but i often do that though
hates: ppl torture their wallets...poor them
i'm a wallet collector..
pink and purple is NICE!

i want
material stuff? plenty...but haven wrote down...later den edit

say something


BFF outing and leisure camp
i'm just not feeling it
dead blog
the time when i'm still 17
2-in-1 post
Its the end of another day...so fast sia...hope th...
&&&&.....its the 2nd week
So....i'm currently in the bus...suffering from th...
the forth day of school...

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Saturday, July 10, 2010
Itouchy~ random stuff...ya Noe...the usual @ 10:19 AM

Okay~ stuff abt...practically nothing...random shit...yap...as always!
10 feelings I'm having recently
1. Happy
2.anger...lots of anger...or mayb it's bcos stress?
3. Paranoid...
4. No feelings?
5. Hopefull
6. Dissapointment
7. Confused
8. Hateful
9. Hated
10. I have no idea

10 events
1.ppcm assignment
2. Due date
3. Written com assignment
4.due date
5. I.T assignment
6.due date
7.more assignments
8. More due date
9. Thinking of how messed upy life is right now
10. Daydream

10 random shit
1. I'm writing now cos I dunno wat to do
2. I dunno wat to blog abt but still wanna blog
3. I wan watch moviesss
4. I'm avoiding...but dun wanna lose
5. I'm on my bed
6. I read ghost stories
7. Scaring myself resulting in I dun dare to go toliet
8. I like my new bag
9. I'm poor
10. It's 1.30am now

10 I miss
1. Bff
2. Mui
3. My old life
4. Friends
5. Feeling of liking someone
6. Being carefree
7. Smile tat comes from within
8. Being 'full' I'm so empty now
9. My ignorance
10. You!

10 I wan
1. Good results
2. The one
3. Happiness
4. World peace...cheesy
5. To be 'full'
6. Negative feelings to go away
7. Outgoing
8. Likeable...
9. Things to be okay
10. Driving licence

the end