you're currently in my piece of world....
and since its like tat... obey my rules..
MY world, MY way
dun worry its simple
either you STAY
or you LEAVE

la femme
i'm a starfish from pacific ocean and i like to eat strawberries
ok mayb i'm not a starfish and i dun come from pacific ocean...
but i do like strawberries
i can be a celestial being, a marine creature, an animal and a homosapien.
regardless...i'm still ME...the one and only..
everypart of me is unique and i'm at best when i'm being me...

trista here!! i'm a 1992 baby!!
i grow old whenever 12/05 passes
typical happy-go-lucky character...no point hanging on to a thing for long oso right? so smile aways
day dream any time anywhere...even when queuing to buy stuff..or now..hehe
i like to smile hate to frown :D
hobby: misplacing my wallets...lol jkjk..but i often do that though
hates: ppl torture their wallets...poor them
i'm a wallet collector..
pink and purple is NICE!

i want
material stuff? plenty...but haven wrote down...later den edit

say something


Your Birthdate: May 12 You are certain and c...
wahahahahaha!!! XD
wong li qi
my blog!!!!

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& please kindly do not remove
i feel so sorry for them cos no one will see this...but imma gonna keep it...

Friday, August 1, 2008
another task... @ 2:49 AM

my mum gave mi a MOST HARDEST TASK EVER! she wan mi to help her translate her work thing like the name of fruit and the drinks from english to chinese...but little do she noe that it is like difficult? there are like 2 to 3 kind of green tea there...how the hell do i make them different? the brand is different but can she understand the brand thing ant? den the word is like difficult la...even if my chinese is good oso no need like that one ma...wa lao...like that first la...so PO!!... kao! nbcb